Visual vs conceptual #13

Today I was talking to a friend of mine about switching focus from a classical designer to a problem identifying and solution prototyping typ of designer whose work is primary defined by research and experimentation and not by beautiful crafted objects or digital content.

I tend to compare this with the move from a visual artist to a conceptional artist. The terminology is already there and in the case of the designer I often hear “design thinking” as the idea generating and problem solving method which is propagated as something everybody is able to do. Hm, I doubt it. I think everybody is able to learn it in some way, over a long period of time, but not simply by applying the method and magically solve anything right away. But at least it is a start of asking the right questions.

What if it is not about the visual production in the first place? What if it is more about changing the status quo in trying to make a difference: in the problem you are trying to solve, in the approach, the process, the actual work and maybe later on, along the way in the appearance, the result, the product. What if it is about getting something started, maybe for the very first time because nobody ever did it? What if your background, your experiences lead to finding a niche where nobody ever tried doing something?

Sounds interesting, but what do you do about it?

And this is commit #13!

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