Working within networks #7

Todays research was specifically about personal knowledge management. One of the best resources I found was a talk from Harold Jarche called Personal Knowledge Master. For me this is one of the Youtube pearls, less than 500 views, but really awesome content!

After a brief intro about his first steps starting a blog and sharing his knowledge in 2004 and his learning process of gaining from the network effect when sharing professional content on the internet. Back then, he didn’t knew about¬†network theory but he gave it a shot and started adding value to the network, which over time opened up opportunities and connections to other topic related peers.

After that, he gives a analysis of the network era and how the future of jobs will look like when facing further automation and enhanced technology. Only 20% of todays jobs have a low risk of automation, the rest is routine based and can possibly be handled by software sooner or later. Interestingly, there is an increase in jobs today that are non-routine cognitive occupations.

hierarchies to networks

He then describes the current transition from hierarchies to networks which have almost unlimited information as resources, where self-publishing and ridiculously easy group-forming are possible. He also added that there is almost no institution today that doesn’t struggle with that change.

This shift includes changes of explicit to implicit knowledge and formal to informal learning. Implicit knowledge includes the production, the experience of actually doing it, that can’t be codified afterwards. Even if you would get step by step instructions how to paint a certain piece of art, there will be missing the informal knowledge to do it.

Finally he gets to the concept of PKM with three basic steps: Seek, Sense and Share which is the act of filtering or pre-curating, creating and discerning. 

Tomorrow I’m going to write about why PKM matters and how such a procedure can look like in practice.

And this is commit #7!

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