Overthinking vs execution #5

The messy process I described in commit #4 can be decluttered but that could lead to platform specific tradeoffs. The same applies to this blog and almost every other option you probably have in life. It is always the same battle: do I take a standardized or develop an individual solution?

To make that decisions you have to be aware of the limitations and opportunities that are present for each option. The more practical approach would be to not even care and just start somewhere. I personally tend to overthink the strategic or technological approach so much that the actual goal of writing the blog itself vanishes. When I started 4 days ago with commit #1 I once again got into the loop of optimizing the publishing framework in my head for the content I hadn’t even written. 

When I finally realized that I was focusing more on the how than the what I immediately took a step back and reconsidered my approach. My goal was and still is to constantly create the habit of writing daily, research related blog posts. But as a designer I could start to cry and laugh at the same time about the appearance of this WordPress blog and the way I attached it to my old placeholder website from 2015. 

Start first, reshape later

My current professor Rosa Menkman once said in one of our first classes that we have to learn to put our message out and that we are able to redefine and reshape it every day if we feel that it doesn’t fit anymore. And she is absolutely right about that! In that context she was talking about a short statement (e.g. for Instagram accounts or our portfolios) that define what we are doing as an artist and articulate what our interests are. This approach is also true for this project here. I start and then I reshape. But I have to start first!

Like I mentioned above, it is easy for me not to focus on the content first but instead jump right into the context and I think that is also a valuable skill. But there are times that keep me from actually taking action because of over-strategizing for perfect setups or approaches. 

This post should have been about personal content curation but before I started writing I was checking out Medium for its publishing possibilities. So I ended up reminding myself why I didn’t choose to publish there and started the journey here: being able to make changes to the framework I am working with and not being stuck in a platform that renders every article in a standardized way for the possibility of finding a broader community.   

And this is commit #5!

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