Why so messy? #4

Having that compressed information written down on paper #3 feels and looks great for me personally. It took me a lot of time to transcribe the content, it is now clear and structured. It is ready for my archive! This way, i don’t have to reach back to the original content again but in practice it isn’t as easy as that, in particular when the research scales. So I added to the process a manual watch or reading list to have an overview of the order and path I took to reflect on.

The irony strikes back! I just spend 15 minutes searching my list in the default Notes app on my Mac until i realized that it was in the writing app Ulysses. Like I said: this stuff is messy! I like taking quick notes on my phone which then get synced to the computer. But most of the time it’s dumping thoughts, ideas or other snippets that I will probably never see again any time soon. But that is another topic, back to the list! 

The resources list is as basic as it gets: title, author, link, sometimes with dates or structured in paragraphs for different sessions. And in case of potential deletion I save a copy of the content with its (mostly automated) subtitles. I use a neat tool called youtube-dl which is used in the terminal – you know, the black window most people are scared of! But I can assure you, that tool is way better and far more capable than any other tool with a GUI out there! I will add a recommended tools and resources list in the upcoming weeks on this site but for now you have to use your search engine of your choice to find it!

With that research related and minimized browser or viewing history I again have a clear overview of the content i reviewed and is sitting on the sideline for guidance. Great! But I forgot to include the screenshots of the video I took. Sometimes slides appear that could be useful as resources so there is another type of content that I generate through the viewing process. That images getting stored with all the other screenshots I make. Sometimes I put them in folders when I remember it, but most of the time they only getting dumped into the screenshots folder. This is madness.. and this is just a single resource.

Watching, reading, understanding, typing, screenshotting and when there is still time for it, thinking. But then again I could probably spend the same amount of time revisiting the stuff I just did and declutter or (re-)organize it to make it useful for later.

And this is commit #4!

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